We are a company with roots in a leading Malaysian biscuit manufacturer. Powered by a team that has a combined experience in the food, beverage and snacking business of more than a century, we constantly focus on creating great innovative products that will help mould the tastes and food trends of the future.
We constantly explore new and trending foods from across the globe while upholding the spirit of the ultimate foodie of DISCOVERING UNIQUENESS, HIGH-QUALITY INNOVATION AND PLEASURABLE food options.
With our wide and ever-growing array of food options, we carry on our unceasing mission to challenge our collective imagination and serve you with something so impossibly delicious that words cannot describe with precision.

If It Doesn't Impress Us,

It's Not Good Enough For You.

In our modern, mostly urban lives, the consumption of food has evolved into something that is a total experience to thrill or to excite. The experience of dining and wining has transformed into a multi-faceted experience an almost infinite variety of cuisine and methods of consuming food and drink available.
As innovative explorers of unique and exciting food experiences, we have made it a mission to bring these mind-blowing ideas to local audiences via our own creations. No need to travel far, we have the best tastes right here.

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